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Our company is the only Russian manufacturer of unique microsurgical scalpel with a diamond blade. The uniqueness of the diamond blade is very high sharpness. Its width not exceeding 50 nm, reaching values ​​in reality 1 ÷ 5 nanometers. This is confirmed by multiple monitoring with an electron microscope at a magnification of up to 200,000-fold. These figures are achieved by us through the use of modern technologies for processing of diamonds and equipment.


The manufacturing process begins with a diamond blade cutting of natural diamond in the blanks. This operation is carried out by us on a modern laser facility, designed and manufactured in accordance with our requirements, including software and hardware. This results in high precision and performance at this stage of production.


The process of faceting a diamond requires high precision movements, concentration and patience of workers. In our company this is carried out by experienced staff, past a large school in the field of diamond production.


The final process of manufacturing a diamond blade for precision surgical scalpel is sharpening. Thanks to our patented technology we achieve high blade acuteness, which allows doctors to carry out operations at the highest level.

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