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Unique diamond scalpels

At the core of human development there is one of the tools that have led to progress in many branches of life - it is a knife. Originally it was a piece of stone with sharp edges. Over time with the development of technical progress, as it transformed into a weapon taking away the life such as a sword of Damascus steel, as well as an instrument granting the life - medical scalpel. The main purpose of changes of this instrument have always been  perfection of its form and increase in severity of the blade.

The severity of the blade is the main characteristic of a scalpel which allows to perform operations with minimal traumatic and thus allowing to reduce the period of healing in the postoperative period. Not to mention the fact that the absence of scar after surgery is a desirable goal of any plastic surgeon.

The pinnacle of technological development of this surgery instrument is a scalpel with a diamond blade. In the world there are several technologies of manufacturing such scalpels. The main differences are that the raw materials are natural or synthetic diamonds and various technological processes are used to manufacture diamond blade blank and its subsequent grinding.

It is through the use of modern technologies of processing of rough diamonds a major feature of the micro-surgical scalpels manufactured by
Kristalin Ltd. is a very high edge sharpness (the width of the cutting edge is less than 20 nanometers). This allows them to refer to the nanotechnology production. None of the manufacturers of such products is able to obtain such a result. Not to mention the fact that our company serially produces of micro-surgical scalpels with diamond blade having a "perfect oval" cutting edge unrivaled in the world.

This is a good acquisition will allow you to perform surgery operation at the highest level.

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