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Kristalin Ltd.  is engaged in the manufacture of microsurgical scalpels with a diamond blade, which are modern analogues of  scalpels, production of which began 20 years ago in IRTC "Eye Microsurgery" of academician S. Fedorov.
In the USSR in the late 80's and early 90's such scalpels were made of expensive jewelry large diamonds. A diamond blade manufacturing technology out of flat crystals of small mass been developed by Kristalin Ltd.   has significantly reduced the cost of materials and maintain an attractive price of scalpel. Currently, the cost of such scalpels is in 2 - 3 times lower than of imported analogues.

Due to support of Joint Stock Company "ALROSA" (CJSC), the benefits of the technology used by Kristalin Ltd.  and high-quality products, currently, out of 8 enterprises which produced similar scalpels in the USSR, just only  Kristalin Ltd.  has kept production of such surgical tools in Russia.

A distinctive feature of diamond blades manufactured by Kristalin Ltd.  is very high edge sharpness. Multiple studies using an electron microscope gave consistent results: cutting width did not exceed 50 nanometers, and in some samples - 10 nanometers. According to this indicator our scalpels is much better than foreign analogues whose sharpness of cutting edges does not even reach the lowest value 200 nanometers. This is also confirmed by multiple comparative studies. A high rate of cutting edge acuteness is achieved through the use of thermo-chemical processing of diamond during grinding the faces of the blade forming a cutting edge. This technology was developed in the 80's of last century by experts of Yakutsk Branch of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

High blade sharpness can effortlessly pass through the limbal zone of the cornea into the anterior chamber. The edges of the cut are obtained absolutely smooth that greatly reduces the invasiveness of operations and also reduces the response to post-operative trauma. High sharpness blade also provides application of punctures with strictly fixed width during transplantation of artificial lens as well as provides application of cuts with fixed depth in operations for the correction of vision. Thanks to the quality of the cut wound healing is much faster and therefore the post-operative period is reduced that leading to reduced bed occupancy in the hospital. Scalpel manufacturing technology provides long-term use of it, high blade sharpness remains after 100 or more operations, while preserving the scalpel - its life is several years. Therefore the application of diamond scalpel is much more profitable even in comparison with a disposable metal blade which edge quality is much lower. With the price of the metal disposable blade of 300 rubles for 100 operations you will have to spend 30,000 rubles, which is almost 2 times higher than the value of the diamond scalpel similar purposes, not to mention the quality of the cut.

Kristalin Ltd. makes microsurgical blades with a curved (oval) shape of the cutting edge which manufacturing technology was developed by our specialists. There are no analogues of such products in the world.

The main application of microsurgical scalpels is ophthalmology. At present field of application of them is gradually expanding. Our scalpels are starting to be used in neurosurgery, micro-vascular surgery and plastic surgery, where the exclusive sharp cutting edge of diamond blades is also fully manifesting the advantages of them.

The main consumers of microsurgical scalpels with a diamond blade are Russian hospitals. In the structure of the company export is up to 30% of production. Manufacturing capabilities of Kristalin Ltd.  now can fully meet the needs of the Russian market. However, customer orders are 1,500 units per year, which, according to experts in ophthalmology, accounting for 30% of the real health needs.

The correct diamond crystal cutting plays an important role in the cost of production and effective use of rough diamonds. To improve the technology in this field, use of cheaper rough diamonds for manufacturing scalpels and reduce the cost of production our company has acquired a modern technological laser system that allows to cut diamond crystals of any shape in any direction.

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